About Us

I live in the city of Derby with my partner, Chris who sometimes helps me with the bears.

I am profoundly deaf and wear cochlear implant. I have a hearing dog called Tim, he help me around the house. I work full time as Deaf Teacher, helping deaf children in mainstream schools and teach Sign language and Deaf awareness all over Derbyshire.

I have been creating Crystal Bears since 2007.
All my bears are hand made, using the best quality materials included mohair, cashmere, alpaca and Sassy's own range.
They are all fully jointed (smallest bears are threaded jointed) and are weighted with steel shots.
I work very hard, try design my bears and to the best of my ability, no two bears are exactly the same.

I started making bears because I wanted something to do in my spare time, in the evenings when there are nothing on T.V, as I am deaf and I cannot hear 

Due to my full time job, I can only attend a few craft fairs and bears shows in the UK. My bears are available directly from myself.
Please do feel free to email me with your requirements.

I hope you enjoy looking at my bears and hope you will adopt one of them.
Please do come back often - see all the bears.
Bears do love to be visited.

Bear hugs

Crystal Rose x